Magic Superme UF Water Ionizer

$ 39,800

Electrolytic plate material: Platinum-coated titanium electrolytic plate

Number of electrolytic plates: 9 pieces

Cleaning method: dynamic cleaning system

Acid-base water: pH 8.5~10.5/6.0~2.7

Number of filter elements: 2 filter elements

Service life: 1st filter element months (3,000L), 2nd filter element 12months (6,000L)

Filter element replacement method: Open the front door

Filter Material: Filter 1 - Sediment, Lump Carbon/UF, Filter 2 - Activated Carbon, Negative Ion Ceramic, Felt

Voltage: 100V~240V, 48~63 Hz

Energy consumption: 170 VA, SMPS power supply plate

Water temperature: 4~55℃

Water pressure: 0.5~6kg/cm2

Protection system: fuse 4 A, bimetallic strip, built-in temperature sensor

Size: 320mm(H)×110mm(W)×45mm(D)

Weight: about 4kg

Control method: touch

Display panel: LED display

Language voice command: Korean, English, Chinese

Origin: South Korea