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Maintenance Service Terms and Conditions
1. During the warranty period, MAGIC LIVING (hereinafter referred to as "MAGIC LIVING International Co., Ltd." or "this repair center") provides limited free repairs for MAGIC LIVING products in accordance with these maintenance service terms and conditions and other related product warranty terms and conditions. Maintain.


2. During the warranty period, if any maintenance service terms and conditions are violated, the product will not be covered by the warranty. The maintenance center will quote a price based on the fault condition or not perform repairs. Improper and excessive use of self-repaired products by users, water intrusion into the main unit or electronic accessories of the product, artificial damage, motor damage, use of the product not in accordance with the instructions and modification of the product are all deemed as violations of the maintenance service terms and conditions.


3. For all our company's products (including parallel imported products), products outside the warranty period or any products with damaged warranty labels, and in case of violation of the terms and conditions of maintenance services, in addition to the cost of required parts, the user must first Pay the door-to-door or maintenance service fee (this fee is not refundable). The formal quotation will be confirmed by a phone call or email notification from our maintenance center. All charges must be paid in cash or credit card.


4. The product must be purchased from the designated supplier and the user must present the original valid sales invoice (the invoice must clearly show the name of the store where the purchase was made, date of purchase, invoice number, product model, body number, product price and stamped with the company seal; The handwritten invoice must be accompanied by the model code or serial number sticker in the box to enjoy the product warranty service.


5. Products without valid original sales invoices and warranty cards will only be treated as non-warranty.


6. Products repaired by our repair center will be provided with free warranty service for replacement parts for one month after the repair is completed (limited to the same fault and non-human fault).


7. Replaced parts will not be returned.


8. This maintenance center is not responsible for keeping all users’ product accessories (including but not limited to filter elements).


9. This maintenance center is not responsible for delays caused by failure to contact the user. Please provide a valid contact number or email address. If the user still does not receive a notification one week after submitting the product for repair, please call our repair center for enquiry.


10. The user must retrieve the product within one month from the pickup date notified by the maintenance center. Otherwise, the maintenance center will not be responsible if the user's product is damaged or lost. If the user has not retrieved the product within three months, the repair center has the right to dispose of the product without prior notice or any compensation.


11. Please keep the maintenance receipt properly and pick up the machine with the receipt. Our maintenance center will not be responsible if it is obtained by others. If this document cannot be provided, the repair center has the right to refuse to return the product.


12. For products with hidden faults, if the user requests to return the product after inspection and repair quotation, the repair center may not be able to restore the original fault condition (including but not limited to product appearance, function and initial degree of fault).


13. If the maintenance center finds that the user violates any maintenance service terms and conditions during the maintenance of non-warranty products (including but not limited to self-repair, product main unit or accessories entering water, man-made damage, motor damage), the maintenance center has the right to cancel Fixed quotation for repairs and re-quotation based on fault conditions.


14. This maintenance center has the right to refuse to issue any written or oral maintenance report or product damage report.


15. The maintenance services of this maintenance center are only applicable to the main unit. Unless otherwise specified, accessory filters, connecting wires, buttons, etc. will not be included in the maintenance service.


16. The user agrees and understands that during the maintenance period, all parts on the product may be deleted or modified, and the user will not object to this. This maintenance center is not responsible and assumes no responsibility for any personal belongings stored on the product that are lost, altered, deleted or cannot be accessed.


17. This maintenance center does not guarantee that any product will not have any problems with operation interruption or operation errors after maintenance, nor does it have the obligation to ensure that any product can be supported in all operating environments, including but not limited to working with all software. Users understand and will not object to the compatibility issues of hardware and its future versions.


18. The limited warranty does not include non-MAGIC LIVING hardware, software and accessories.


19. Beautiful Life International Co., Ltd. has the final right of judgment and interpretation of the above terms and conditions.


20. The Company reserves the right to modify the above terms and conditions at any time. Please visit MAGIC LIVING to view the latest product warranty information and other applicable terms:

Starting from the date of purchase, during the warranty period (except for the casing, accessories and some parts), if the machine parts are damaged or malfunctions, and the company's technical staff confirms that the machine failure occurs under normal use, the company will Free repairs and parts replacement will be provided, and the damaged parts after replacement will belong to the company.


The warranty period of individual products is as follows:
(a) Small household appliances: The warranty period for the entire machine is one year.
(b) Massage chair: The warranty period of the entire machine is three years. (Excluding motor, chair leather and roller warranty).
(c) Water electrolysis machine: The warranty period of the whole machine is one year. (Excluding damage to mechanical parts and computer boards caused by water quality)
(d) Direct drinking water dispenser: The warranty period is one year. (Excluding damage to mechanical parts and computer boards caused by water quality)


The free services under this warranty do not include the following items:
(a) The casing, body, panels, random accessories and decorations need to be replaced due to damage.
(b) The height of the disassembly or reinstallation required for repair or inspection exceeds 7 feet from the ground, or the work location is difficult to disassemble or disassemble.
(c) Reinstallation, relocation or relocation of the product.
(d) Foreign objects (such as coins, keys or cotton swabs, etc.) cause the product to make abnormal noises or fail to drain properly during use.
(e) All stain removal, pest control and mold removal services.
The above circumstances are not included in the maintenance scope, and all inspection and cleaning costs are the responsibility of the customer.
4. For products not installed by our company, our company will not be responsible for any problems, damage or losses caused by poor installation.


24. This warranty will automatically become invalid under the following circumstances:
(a) The product has been damaged due to improper operation, negligence or accidents such as natural disasters or man-made disasters;
(b) The product has been repaired or modified by someone other than our company’s technicians;
(c) The product serial number has been converted, altered or removed;
(d) The product does not follow the installation instructions provided by the original manufacturer;
(e) Products for commercial use.


25. Our company will not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses caused by equipment damage.


26. Beauty Life International Co., Ltd. reserves its absolute and sole right to decide to use any refurbished (not brand new) parts for warranty services; if used for non-warranty repair and maintenance services, the customer will be charged accordingly based on the quotation. Component costs.


27. If a small or portable product needs repair, the user must send the product to the repair department and pick it up after repair.


28. If the address where Beautiful Life International Co., Ltd. provides door-to-door repairs does not have direct access to a lift, Beautiful Life International Co., Ltd. has the right to charge the customer relevant fees for picking up the repaired goods and sending them back to the repair center for inspection or repair.


29. If the service is required for users in remote areas, the transportation fee set by the company must be paid. If the machine parts need to be sent back to the maintenance center for repair, the user is responsible for transporting the machine to the company's service center and repairing it. Then take the machine back by yourself.


30. Please keep the warranty certificate and official purchase receipt properly and present them to our company's technicians for review during repairs.