Commercial solution

In order to promote sustainable development, the government plans to further reduce the use of plastic. Starting from April 2024, hotels will be prohibited from providing free plastic bottled water. Driven by the Product Environmental Responsibility Amendment Bill 2023, this initiative will bring positive changes to the Hong Kong hotel industry. Against this background, Magic Living provides a number of feasible solutions to help hotels practice environmental protection and sustainable development.


We provide solutions for installing water filtration systems in hotel rooms. This solution not only allows guests to enjoy instant high-quality drinking water, but also reduces the need for disposable plastic bottled water. This not only complies with environmental regulations, but also creates a positive environmental image for the hotel.


In addition, we have introduced the W12 installation-free water filter machine. This device not only provides instant hot water, but also ensures the cleanliness and quality of the water through the filtration system. This allows hotel guests to enjoy high-quality hot drinks at any time, while reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles, thereby reducing the generation of plastic waste.


In addition, we also provide solutions for floor-mounted hot and cold vertical drinking water dispensers. This targeted setting provides guests with convenient drinking points while reducing the use of plastic bottles. Hot and cold vertical water dispensers can effectively reduce the number of disposable plastic bottles used in hotels and provide guests with a quick and convenient drinking experience.


The implementation of these solutions not only helps reduce the hotel's reliance on plastic bottles and reduces the generation of plastic waste, but also improves the hotel's environmental image. This is an important step towards the sustainable development goals of reducing environmental impact.