Plasma air purification cooling and heating bladeless fan TP20-09

$ 2,880$ 1,880

1. Plasma purification system The plasma generator releases plasma to purify the air, effectively removing suspended particles, bacteria, odors, volatile organic compounds and even inhibiting viruses in the air, reducing the concentration of pollutants to improve air quality.

2. HEPA 13 high-efficiency filter can capture PM2.5 suspended particles and effectively block 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

3. 10-stage cold air speed selection brings strong and smooth cool breeze in summer. The strong air flow is not only comfortable and cool, but also accelerates the flow of indoor air. When used with air conditioners, the cold air is evenly blown to every corner of the room, which does not reduce cooling and saves electricity.

4. PTC ceramic heating: Built-in PTC ceramic heating element, 1950W high power and extremely fast heating, the temperature can reach up to 30 degrees

5.LED touch screen operation controls switches, heating and cooling modes, wind power, left and right swing and timing functions

6.53° automatic swing air supply function. The bladeless fan output is closer to natural wind, effectively circulates indoor air, and provides you with a steady stream of comfortable cool air within the ideal air supply range.

7. Bladeless safety design. There are no exposed rotating fan blades. It is suitable for children or pets at home to avoid injuries caused by the fan blades. The machine will automatically shut down when it is bumped.

Product model: ML-TP20-09
Voltage: 220V
Energy consumption: warm air 1950W, cold air 35W
Dimensions: W228 x D228 x H881mm
Appointment time: 1-9 H
Weight: 5.0 KG

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