Slim bladeless fan TP11

$ 1,280$ 680


1. 10-stage cold wind speed selection brings strong and smooth cool breeze in summer

2.73cm extra long air outlet and long and narrow air outlet allow you to enjoy all-round comfortable cool breeze from top to bottom while sitting.

3. Slim design saves space. Compared with traditional tower fans, it occupies a smaller area. Compared with ordinary bladeless fans, the long and narrow air outlet design is slimmer and more space-saving.

4. The wind feels soft. The output of the bladeless fan is closer to the natural wind and effectively circulates the indoor air.

5. Low noise and quiet operation, the minimum noise is 33db, suitable for light sleepers.

6. 90° automatic swinging air supply: The fan can swing 90° left and right to supply air, expanding the coverage of cool air.

7. Easy to clean. The bladeless design reduces dust accumulation and can be cleaned with a wipe of the cleaning cloth.

Specifications Product model: TP11

Voltage: 220V

Energy consumption: cold air 45W

Dimensions: W240 x D240 x H1020mm

Wind speed: 21m/s

Appointment time: 1-9 H

Product noise: 33DB(A)

Weight: 2.28KG

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