Installation-free RO direct drinking water dispenser

$ 2,380$ 1,580

Installation-free RO water machine

Countertop water purification and heating integrated

3-stage filter element, 4-fold net aerospace reverse osmosis filtration technology, strontium-rich mineralized filter element, carbon rod composite filter element

Six levels of adjustable temperature, 3 seconds quick heating, thick film technology, 3 seconds boiling water, fresher water, rich in minerals

Light touch button, thoughtful design, water tank clean and waste separation

Ready to use with direct power supply, no installation required, quick replacement of filter elements

Child lock protection, prevent children from being burned, safe and secure

Rated water purification volume: 2000L Rated initial water purification volume: 130ml/min. Original water tank capacity: 3L Waste water tank capacity: 1L

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Size: W190*D450*H390mm

Weight: 7.3kg

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