Portable cervical massager ST-301

$ 899

Portable cervical massager, portable masseur, infrared heating, relieves neck and shoulders, suitable for the whole body, easy to operate

Full body massage to relieve fatigue neck, back, hands, waist

15 minutes a day, deep massage and kneading

Infrared heating assistance, U-shaped design automatically fits the neck circumference, relieving neck and shoulder discomfort

Simple buttons, easy to operate

Press at multiple points to cover the neck and shoulders

The U-shape is adjustable and automatically fits the neck circumference.

Charge once, can be used more than 10 times

4 modes, multi-directional massage

Charging input: DC5V/1A

Rated power: 5W

Product size: 200*130*100mm

Battery capacity: Built-in lithium battery 3.7V 2600mA