Intelligent platinum-rich titanium hydrogen-rich cup H2-01

$ 1,680$ 1,080

Smart platinum titanium hydrogen-rich cup

Hydrogen-rich water contains active oxygen and free radicals

High concentration of hydrogen ions

Platinum Titanium Electrolytic Tablets

High efficiency electrolysis mode

High borosilicate heat-resistant glass

Hydrogen-rich water is rich in active oxygen and is a negative potential water. It can neutralize peroxide free radicals, combine into water, and be excreted from the body.

Electrolysis technology allows water to evenly wrap hydrogen molecules, promoting hydrogen and water to achieve a stable combination. It has the characteristics of high hydrogen concentration and good stability.

Change water quality in 3 minutes, 1300-1600PPB hydrogen content, explosive blowout hydrogen production

Platinum mesh, double-coated electrolytic sheets increase hydrogen production, and ion membrane sterilizes and removes chlorine

Stainless steel leak-proof cup lid, food-grade safety material, BPA-free, no odor when reflowed, built-in sealing silicone ring

One-touch sensitive button, one-touch operation, strong sensitivity and easy to use

High borosilicate glass bottle, safe, strong and heat-resistant

Convenient hydrogen absorber, matched with hydrogen water cup

USD interface, convenient charging, equipped with waterproof rubber cover


Product size: 21.5*7cm

Cup material: high borosilicate glass

Product weight: 0.6kg

Product capacity: 420ml

Charging time: about 2-3 hours

Hydrogen concentration: 1300-1600PPB

Number of working times: 3 minutes/time