Neck massager (voice and remote control)

$ 880$ 650

The intelligent cervical massager adopts the popular circular design of the physiological curvature of the human cervical spine, low-frequency pulse, magnetic effect, thermal moxibustion, high-frequency vibration, circular traction, and five-in-one synchronous health care to form a composite energy field.


It can be used in the following situations:

1. Long exposure in front of the screen

2. Nervousness, insomnia, and dreaminess

3. Neck stiffness and muscle fatigue


Product Features

1. Unique 3D ergonomic design

2. Adopt the latest 3D intelligent laminating technology

3. Voice broadcast, intelligent control, simple operation

4. There are 6 pulse modes, including cupping, tapping, scraping, acupressure, acupuncture and relaxation

5. Low-frequency pulse, magnetic effect, thermal moxibustion, high-frequency vibration, cyclic traction, five-in-one synchronous health care, forming a composite energy field

6. Type-C control

7. Wireless control

8. Level 15 intensity

9. 15 minute timer

10. When power is off, the blue light flashes a long "DI" every two minutes. When you press the "ON/OFF" button, you will hear the "DI DI DI" tone


Pulse frequency: 1-1000Hz

Pulse width: 20-400us

Hot moxibustion temperature: +38℃~48℃ (25℃ ambient temperature)

Input: DC5V/1A

Rated power: 5W

Battery: Built-in lithium-ion battery 3.7V/1200MAH

Controller battery: CR2032